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SYNLAB Founding Member of Global Diagnostics Network (GDN) – Combined Excellence in a Worldwide Community for Laboratory Diagnostics

The GDN, initiated by US-based Quest Diagnostics, brings together leading diagnostics services providers to share expertise and insights and drive worldwide diagnostics innovation

SYNLAB, the leading medical diagnostics services provider in Europe, announced today the launch of the Global Diagnostics Network (GDN), which SYNLAB established together with Quest Diagnostics and other leading diagnostic services providers as founding members. The GDN is a strategic working group of diagnostic laboratories, each committed to unleashing and sharing local innovation to increase global access to diagnostic science and products - ultimately generating diagnostic insights and improving global healthcare.

Collectively, this worldwide community of healthcare leaders has a presence in countries with more than half of the world’s population across all continents. In addition to SYNLAB and Quest Diagnostics charter members are Al Borg Medical Laboratories, Dasa, GC Labs, KingMed Diagnostics, and Primary Health Care.

Starting priority of focus include a global launch platform for the high quality companion diagnostics, and the creation of an emerging pathogen preparedness network to expedite infectious disease research and response. These and future GDN initiatives will benefit patients, referring practitioners, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical innovators, government agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and academic institutions.

“We are excited to be part of this global community of diagnostic excellence,” says Mathieu Floreani, CEO SYNLAB Group. “Together we set a sign for a new era of collaboration, jointly contributing to global healthcare with combined expertise, shared knowledge and innovation. We are proud to contribute our expertise and diagnostics innovation to the GDN which helps to offer new technologies and tests globally even faster than before. At the same time, the GDN strengthens our leading position in Europe and beyond.”“The GDN collaboration will open up new opportunities to expedite innovation by removing silos around unique knowledge and resources,” commented Carrie Eglinton Manner, Senior Vice President, Advanced Diagnostics, Quest Diagnostics. “We see this as a pragmatic approach to driving growth and excellence for all network members, while providing customers global access to innovations in diagnostics science and service delivery.

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